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PV lighting solutions

Hiten Energy develops a type of solar charge controller for street light ,work out 365days normal lighting issue ,and there are MPPT and PWM optional .What's more ,for different appliance ,Hiten Energy tailor make professional light-operated,time -operated,PIR-operated,wave-operated solutions.


As the future development direction of solar lighting system, has the advantages of low cost, long service life, convenient construction, energy saving, easy to maintain.

Application scenario:

Municipal roads, schools, industrial parks, ports and other areas.


Provide a complete set of solutions, including selection and construction, product and installation, after-sales and technical support.

The feature of the scheme:

1. The installation is simple: when installing solar lighting lamps and lanterns, without trench buried pipe, without laying complex circuit, little effect of underground pipe and cable, save a lot of labor costs and raw material costs.

2. No electricity bills: solar lighting fixtures are disposable inputs, energy sources are solar energy, no electricity bills, no maintenance costs.

3. No safety hazard: solar lamps are low-voltage products, and the voltage is usually 12V and 24V, dc power supply, safe and reliable operation, no safety hazard to personnel or environment.

4. Maintenance: once the street lamp is installed, it can be automatically circulated without maintenance.

5. The effect of long life energy saving is obvious: the light bulb of LED street lamp can save 60% to 65% of the power compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, which can last up to 50,000 hours.

6. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the use of fully clean solar energy, no need to consume fuel, no mechanical rotation parts, no noise, no pollution.

7. Intelligent management: through our company independent research and development of special intelligent monitoring platform (both mobile and PC) for remote intelligent management, the platform can realize intelligent human-computer interaction, monitor and record the system running state, such as battery voltage, solar cells, solar battery charging current, voltage, battery charging current battery power, such as solar charging power operation parameters. The system can automatically analyze and judge the operation condition and record the failure information. The management platform can carry out independent management of any street lamp, running state adjustment, parameter modification, etc., to realize real intelligent control and management.

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