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China’s air pollution reduces PV production potential by up to 13%

[Time: 2019-07-23     Visit: 11]

If China could travel back to the 1960s with its current PV generation capacity it could harvest an additional 14 TWh of solar power, according to a study by ac...


2019 Five takeaways from the Africa Energy Forum

[Time: 2019-06-20     Visit: 17]

At the 21st AEF, held last week in Lisbon,(11-14,June).Finance is always a burning issue, as is regulatory reform, but even solving those thorny problems will n...


Huawei remained world’s largest inverter provider in 2018

[Time: 2019-05-06     Visit: 19]

The Chinese string inverter giant was the world’s biggest supplier for the fourth year in a row, in spite of having lost 4% in global market shares, according t...


Trends to Watch in the Energy Transformation of 2019

[Time: 2019-02-21     Visit: 24]

2018 is over, and a new year of energy evolution is upon us.The past year laid a robust foundation for growth in 2019. It ended with six states and territories,...


For solar inverter :High frequency VS Low frequency

[Time: 2018-11-23     Visit: 20]

There are two distinct types of industrial grade power inverters distinguished by the size of their transformers, and the switching speed of their transistors. ...


For solar charge controller : PWM VS MPPT

[Time: 2018-11-22     Visit: 72]

PWM: Pulse-Width ModulationMPPT: Maximum Power Point TrackingPWM and MPPT are the two different types of charging methods,solar charge controllers can use to ch...


BNEF Analysis Shows Wind and Solar are Cheapest Sources of Power Generation

[Time: 2018-11-21     Visit: 21]

Every six months, BloombergNEF runs its Levelized Cost of Electricity analysis, an assessment of the cost competitiveness of different power generating and ener...


Spain Abolishes the “Tax on the sun ”

[Time: 2018-11-12     Visit: 24]

Spanish lawmakers last month canceled Spain’s notorious "tax on the sun" as part of a package of measures aimed at bringing down soaring electricity costs.The p...