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PV Power Solutions

Hiten is committed to providing the world's leading smart photovoltaic solutions. From plant construction to operational whole process optimization and innovation of the digital information technology, Internet technology and photovoltaic technology for cross-border integration, relying on the abundant financing strength, excellent system core equipment development, the leading system integration design, to create "efficient power generation d, safe and reliable, intelligent camp" smart photovoltaic power plant solution.


The distributed photovoltaic power station refers to the photovoltaic power generation facilities built near the user sites, which are generated by users' self use and surplus electricity and grid connected. Distributed photovoltaic generation follows the principles of local conditions, clean and efficient, decentralized layout and nearby utilization, and makes full use of solar energy resources to replace and reduce other energy consumption.

Application scenario:

It can be applied to urban, rural, pastoral areas, islands, remote mountainous areas and other areas without electricity or electricity shortage, such as power supply and urban roads, factories or business areas, energy saving transformation.


A smaller PV power supply system is configured at the user site or near the electricity field to meet the needs of specific users, support the economic operation of the existing distribution network, or satisfy these two requirements simultaneously. The operation mode is in the solar radiation conditions, solar panels convert solar energy photovoltaic power generation system output power, through the DC bus box concentrated into the DC power distribution cabinet, inverter grid connected inverter by alternating current supply of building its own load, excess or insufficient power to regulate through grid connection.

The feature of the scheme:

1. the pollution is small, and the environmental benefits are outstanding. In the process of generating electricity, the distributed photovoltaic power generation project makes use of clean solar energy, which does not discharge or noise, and will not pollute the environment.

2. The system is independent of each other. It can control and operate independently and avoid large scale blackout accidents and high security.

3. to make up for the shortage of the stability of the city electric power grid, to continue power supply in the case of accident, and become an indispensable supplement to the centralized power supply.

4. the quality and performance of regional electric power real-time monitoring, energy saving is very suitable for urban, rural and pastoral areas, islands and remote mountainous areas without electricity or insufficient power supply and city roads, factories or commercial areas, greatly reducing the environmental pressure;

5. the loss and distribution of power and distribution is low, not even, there is no need to build a distribution station, reduce or avoid additional transmission and distribution costs, the cost of civil construction and installation is low;

6. the peak shaving performance is good, the operation is simple, the system involved in the operation is few, the start and stop is fast, and it is convenient to realize the full automatic.

7. power generation and electricity coexist, separation network power generation and grid connected power generation. The off net power generation can be used spontaneously, and the grid connected generation can not only use spontaneously spontaneously, but also supply power to the power grid of the city.

8. It can be centralized monitoring and intelligent control. The company based on the demand of intelligent management, research and development with independent intellectual property rights "Phaeton HEC-5000 energy center", "HEC-5000 Phaeton energy center" the numerical information and Internet technology, photovoltaic technology integration. Based on the idea of making power plant management simpler and more digitalized, we adopt cloud, tube and terminal system architecture, integrate data intelligence collection, high-speed communication and cloud storage and computation to help power station realize automatic operation and maintenance.

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