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PV lighting solutions

Phaeton low energy solar photovoltaic system is applicable to the rizhao area, for 365 days normal lights on all night, by the phaeton independent research and development of the intelligent controller will photovoltaic technology and Internet technology, digital information technology, the combination of street lamp intelligent control truly do.This set of lighting system can be used in rural roads, municipal roads, national villages, street view, smart city and other scenes.


With the continuous improvement of rural energy conservation, green energy conservation has become the main development direction of road lighting in rural areas. To solve the rural road lighting, currently China mainly adopts LED solar street lamps.

Application scenario:

It can be used for road lighting in town street, rural highway, scattered gathering place, island, remote mountain area and so on.


Provide a full range of solutions, including the selection of products, and construction and installation, customer service and technical support.

The feature of the scheme:

1. The installation is simple: when installing solar lighting lamps and lanterns, without trench buried pipe, without laying complex lines, save a lot of labor costs and raw material costs, only need to do a street lamp base, install the lamp on the pedestal.

2. No electricity bills: solar lighting fixtures are disposable inputs, energy sources are solar energy, no electricity bills, no maintenance costs.

3. No safety hazard: solar lamps are low-voltage products, and the voltage is usually 12V and 24V, dc power supply, safe and reliable operation, no safety hazard to personnel or environment.

4. Maintenance: once the street lamp is installed, it can be automatically circulated without maintenance.

5. The effect of long life energy saving is obvious: the light bulb of LED street lamp can save 60% to 65% of the power compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamp, which can last up to 50,000 hours.

6. Energy conservation and environmental protection: the use of fully clean solar energy, no need to consume fuel, no mechanical rotation parts, no noise, no pollution.

7. Improve the image of the urban management: widely available energy is not subject to regional restriction, use rise, every solar lights with independent power supply, can be placed everywhere, without electric power design, can be installed according to the actual circumstance of rural adjust measures to local conditions for choosing, make unified planning, establish the new countryside image of energy saving and new energy.

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