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Solar PV systems are very reliable – so reliable in fact, that it makes sense to have a solar panel maintenance contract.

In the business of your day to day affairs, you may just forget that they are generating free electricity.  Although solar panels don’t need a lot of maintenance they do need some – to make sure that they are generating at their maximum efficiency.

Your PV system may get by without inspection or maintenance, but your investment will be more likely to live up to expectations if it is regularly inspected. Vision Solar offer a full inspection and testing services, ranging from a visual inspection by our trained installers to electrical tests of the circuits. Such maintenance will identify under performance issues as well as significant equipment failures. If required,  Vision Solar can then recommend and implement a solution.

Every system has different requirements, but here is an example of the services we offer:

Annual cleaning to keep effiencies maximised, especially where bird soiling or atmospheric pollution has degraded the surface of the panel.

Visual inspection of all panels

Photovoltaic module string tests

Inverter system checks

Junction box, isolator, distribution board and cabling inspection

Meter check

Labelling/schematic check

Energy production analysis

Voltage and current check

Production of maintenance report

Roof condition alert

Replacement and repair of faulty items