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This is a multi-function inverter,MPPT solar charger and battery charger offer non - interruptible power supporting with portable size, LCD offers user-configurable and easy-accessible button operation.

Model number:

HT-FDB45030K  /  HT-FDB90050K  /   HT-FDB900100K  /  HT-FDL1101K   /  HT-FDL1102K  /   HT-FDL1103K  /   HT-FDL22010K  /  

HT-FDL22020K  /   HT-FDL22030K


1. Efficiency is more than 95%

2. Super wide input voltage range(110V-1000V)

3. IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation

4. Integrated RS232 / Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication

5. Built-in high voltage DC switch for safer maintenance and application

Technical Data: